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Agencies can be organized into groups. In addition to help deal with many agencies, agent managers can be given permission to see the commissions of all the agencies in their group as well as the forms (eg: orders, commission inquiries) for the agencies that are part of the group. 

1. Create the agency group(s)

2. Add agencies to a group. 

3.  You can determine which manager you would like to give Full Group Access. Allowing this user to view commissions for the agencies in that group. 

1. Agency Groups Setup

On the Agencies page click Groups.

Click +Add an agency group.

Enter the name of the group.

2. Add Agencies to a Group - manual or via import

To (mass) add agencies to a group via excel import click HERE

To manually add an agency to a group you have to view an agency and from the agency page click Edit in the Info box. 

Select the agency group from the group dropdown. 

Full Group Access

* A requirement for for the user to to have access to agencies in a group is that the user is setup as a manager (click HERE for instructions to turn a Rep into a Manager). 

On the Manager page in the Commissions box click Edit access.

Below the Full group access header select the Yes radio button and click OK

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