Top menu button >> Commissions >> Imports setup

The commission transfer allows you to transfer commission data directly from your master agents' subscription into yours when your master is using RPM Telco. 

*Note: only when your master agent has closed the run/month in their RPM Telco subscription the transfer will be visible on your transfer page.

Prior to setting up the transfer you will have to add the suppliers to your subscription and you can, if you choose to do so, change the name for the suppliers. You can lead the supplier name with an abbreviation of the master agents' company name or end the supplier name with the abbreviation. Example: if your master agent is Intelisys you can change the name to: "Int_Windstream or Windstream_Int". 

Click + Add a transfer

Enter your manager user credentials from your master agencies' RPM logon



  • Pick the correct supplier from the From supplier dropdown.

  • Make sure you change the Rep ID value in Account if this involves an Intelisys transfer as they give their Sales partners a unique Rep ID.


If there are any item variables available you can add them individually by clicking on the blue Add link.