Top menu button >> Commissions >> Latest run >> Add an item manually 

This feature is typically used when the commission data is presented in PDF or Word format and instead of creating a template to import, the user can add the item manually. 

NOTE: In order for any item to be added manually you need a: Supplier, Product, Commission Group, Rep ID and Account setup.

Click + Add an item manually.

Select a supplier

NOTE: When the supplier is grey that indicates there are certain requirements missing in order to add an item manually. A common one would be that there are no Rep IDs for the supplier. How to manually add a Rep ID.

  • Account: select the account.
  • Rep ID: this is a required value. If you do not have a Rep ID you can add one for the Rep. How to manually add a Rep ID.
  • Product: select the product.
  • Net billed: add the Net billed if provided (optional).
  • Gross commission: add the Gross commission if provided (optional).
  • Wholesale: add the Wholesale if provided (optional).
  • Contract value: add the Contract value if provided (optional).
  • Master ID: add Master ID (optional).
  • Claimed %: add the gross rate you are suppose to get for the item.
  • Quantity: add Quantity (optional).
  • Sales commission: Calculate normally or enter an adjusted rate. 
  • Note for staff: add a note only visible for staff users (optional).
  • Note: add a note visible to agent users (optional).

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