The Lead Contact Log process is started from a form in the Lead process and captures all the data associated with lead interaction. 

Lead Contact Information

You'll notice that some of the information that can be reused form the Lead form will be copied to the Lead Contact Log form (we call this process flow). Ensure that the information that has been copied is correct and also complete the remaining fields under the Lead Contact Information label. 

Lead Offerings

We have found that when you offer to spend a little time and build an example process for a lead they are more likely to sign a contract. Once an example process is built potential clients receive a proof of concept from you and from the Lighthouse application. If you build an example process for a lead, answer Yes for the Build Example Process(es) field. 

After a demo of Lighthouse has been delivered, offer a 30 day free trial so the lead can try the application on their own and maybe show it to other stakeholders in their company. If you setup a free trial for a lead, answer Yes for the Free Trial field. Please see the How to Setup a Free Trial solution for more information. 

Lead Contact Log

The Lead Contact Log tracks your interactions with a lead. Add a row for each time you interact with a lead. 

Lead Contact Log Summary

The Lead Contact Log Summary will display the total time spend interacting with a lead, both in minutes and in hours. 


Attach and organize any files or links related to lead interaction in the Files box. 


If there are any Notes related to lead interaction, add them to the Notes for Partners Box.


Send actions to Lighthouse Partner support by Adding an action.