Leads From Lighthouse

As an Authorized Lighthouse HSE Partner you will receive qualified leads generated by Lighthouse that are prioritized by your location, Partner Program level, and certification level.

You will be notified of new leads from the Partner Portal either by email and/or via your Dashboard. 

When you receive a new lead, you must initiate contact within 2 working days. Do this by checking off the action on the lead form and starting a form in the Lead Contact Log. Starting a form in the Lead Contact Log from the Leads process will automatically change the status level of the lead form to Lead Contact Initiated, and we'll know that you want this opportunity. If you don't start a Lead Contact Log form within 2 working days we may assign the lead to another Partner. 

Partner Lead Registration

Register a Lead and Receive

  • 5% extra commission on closed contracts delivered to Lighthouse.
  • Sales assistance from Lighthouse (if required).
  • 10% commission on leads given to Lighthouse that result in a closed contract.

How Does It Work?

Register a lead in the Lighthouse HSE Partner Portal by starting and completing a lead form. 

On the lead form, in the field “Who’s This Lead For?” tell us what your intentions are for this lead.

If you are submitting lead for Lighthouse HSE to work, we’ll either accept or reject lead. Typically we’ll only reject a lead if the lead has already been registered or we can’t contact the lead with the information provided.

If "We're Working It (Lighthouse HSE Partner)" or are already working the lead, submit the lead to Lighthouse and we will check to make sure the lead is not already registered. If the lead is not already registered, we will accept the lead registration and we’ll look forward to hearing from you with a signed contract. If the lead is already registered, we will reject the lead and offer our sympathies.


  • Lead registration is awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • A lead, if registered, will remain valid for 60 days but may be renewed if it is actively being pursued. 


  • Lead approval/rejection will typically be assessed within 24 – 48 hours. If you don’t hear from us within this time frame, contact us. 
  • Once a lead is registered and approved, assistance from Lighthouse may be accessed for sales support and product expertise. If you require assistance, contact us. 
  • On the flip side, Lighthouse may require the expertise of one of our knowledgeable Partners and may bring a potential lead to a Partner to work together. 
  • Lighthouse can provide advice and counsel regarding user and implementation fees based on its experience, but all pricing discussions, quotes, and other pricing related material should be delivered to the customer by the Partner.
  • Lighthouse pays commission directly to the Partner when payment is received from the customer.

Our Outs

  • Lighthouse reserves the right to change/cancel any pricing list issued.
  • Lighthouse reserves the right to alter, delete, or modify the program at any time, at its sole discretion. It does not affect a lead already registered and still in progress.